【Reebok One Series】GT 50 跑步機 黑紅(台灣總代理 : TAKASIMA 高島),來自【Momo 購物網】,推薦【Reebok One Series】GT 50 跑步機 黑紅(台灣總代理 : TAKASIMA 高島),34種訓練模式,15段坡度設定,操作簡便 LED顯示螢幕,momo購物網總是優惠便宜好價格,值得推薦!

【Reebok One Series】GT 50 跑步機 黑紅(台灣總代理 : TAKASIMA 高島)

34種訓練模式,15段坡度設定,操作簡便 LED顯示螢幕。

The Reebok GT50 Treadmill is an excellent piece of fitness equipment with a great set of features to provide you with a varied and challenging workout. The 34 different console programmes ensure you are able to vary your workout each and every time you step on to the large 48 x 140cm running deck. Coupled with the 15 levels of electronic incline and top speed of 18kp/h powered by a 2.25HP continuous duty motor, you can challenge yourself on a number of settings to really boost your cardiovascular performance. As with all our ONE Series treadmills, the GT50 includes the ONE Series cushioning system to provide you with a smooth, comfortable workout. The soft-drop folding function provides extra convenience and safety, plus the built in transport wheels allow you to move the treadmill around easily and efficiently.

Reebok GT50是ㄧ台很棒的健身器材,搭載強大的功能,提供您多樣且具有挑戰的訓練。34種不同的訓練模組搭配48X1科技除臭襪40(公分)超大跑步區域,絕對能滿足您所有需求。


All of the features included within the Reebok GT50 treadmill are easily controlled through the sleek 7” LCD console which features a cooling fan and integrated MP3 input with speakers so you can enjoy your workout even more. User feedback displays are also present including speed, time, distance and calories, plus with the hand or wireless pulse receivers you can measure your heart rate easily and efficiently throughout your run.


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